Let's get it there fast and healthy!


We offer fast, safe and cheap import and export services across the entire Globe. If you want a nice, healthy animal from a breeder just a bit too far away to drive... we'll get it for you!

Check in this section our dates for Import and Export worldwide!

Next dates:

  • USA - Europe (if you need USA - UK and vice versa, check first USA - Europe and than Eu - UK)
    15th April 2022
    Price: 60€ each animal - only non CITES
    Deadline for booking : 9th April 
    Pick up your reptiles at Terraria Houten Expo.

  • Europe - USA 
    19th April 2022
    Price: 60€ + domestic shipping (ca. 75usd)
    Deadline for booking : 9th April

  • Europe - Hong Kong 
    1th March 2022
    Price/box: 1250€ (contains about 60x HDS)
    Including Health Certificate and all paperworks
    Price/head: 90€ each animal if you wish to export only few heads
    Deadline for booking: 15th April

  • UK - Europe - UK (USA included too)
    15th April 2022
    Deadline for booking : 9th April 
    Pick up/drop off your reptiles from and toUK at Terraria Houten Expo.

    70GBP each animal (1-5 animals)
    60GBP each animal (6-10 animals)
    50GBP each animal (10+ animals)

    Extra fees:
    For UK - Europe 
    You can drop off/pick up the reptiles at two different addresses, or choose our courier pick up for 50GBP (One time fixed fee).
    For Europe - UK 20% VAT on the animal's value.



Colubra offers the best import/export services in the game. We make sure your animals are packed securely, safely, comfortably and correctly!

All of our imports and exports have a health certificate and comply with the rules and regulations imposed by CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR).

More information on our import/export servcies? Contact us directly! 

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