High Quality

Captive Bred Reptiles

Responsible and sustainable breeding, keeping & selling

Curious about what animals are available right now?  

We want to give our customers only the best of the best. There is nothing as satisfying as bringing up a nice, captive bred baby to adulthood.  No hassle with bad eaters, parasites or sickness... only quality, straight from the incubator!

Colubra specializes in high quality captive bred reptiles and amphibians.

We offer import & export services.

Safe, fast and worldwide.

Got a buyer for your offspring across the pond? Fell in love with a nice snake being sold halfway across the Globe? No worries. We've got your back.

The reptile expos we will attend

Our beautiful hobby needs to be preserved for the future. But in order to preserve it for tomorrow, we need to act today. Responsible trade of exotic pets needs to be animal friendly and sustainable. Our expos are just that.

The Biggest and the Best

In short, we offer you, the responsible keeper, the best service in the game!

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